I thought it would be nice to tell a little about myself and how I got started in this business.  I learned how to crochet from my Godmother when I was about 10, and have always enjoyed it.  Through the years I've made baby afghans for my kids and other little things here and there.  Recently my older son asked me to make him a new blanket for his bed, and that's what started me on this journey back into the fiber world.  I've always loved the way knitting looked, but was intimidated by it, so I decided to start small and try hats.  Recently my mother passed away from breast cancer.  During our final days together, I knitted her a hat, which she loved!  After that, I found comfort and joy in knitting.  However, I still needed something more.  I just couldn't sit that still.  It gave me too much thinking time.  This is when I decided to give dyeing a try, and I fell in love with it immediately.  It keeps my mind busy and allows me to be creative.  I love using my memories to create new colorways.  The possibilities are endless when I put those blank skeins in the pots! And I can't help but feel that my mom is watching over me and guiding me on this incredible journey.